Shows: East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Sunday – aka pre-Monday – is a time of recovery and discomfort. It’s too sweaty indoors yet it’s too bright outdoors. Orange juice tastes funny. The very sight of the Carlton Draught logo edges the contents of your stomach ever upwards. What you need is a live music fix. Oh, and a nap (after you’ve cleaned the mess your bastard mates made in your backyard, bedroom and bathroom).

east brunswick

Set an alarm for about 3pm though, because our friends in East Brunswick All Girls Choir are headlining a free show at The Public Bar in North Melbourne on Sunday the 19th of January. Their single Dirty Bird blew us away – a folk tinged tune with balls and a singer with a real sharp voice. To think we’re gonna be treated to a full EP of this stuff later this year sends tingles up my spine.

Also gracing the afternoon stage from 4pm at The Public Bar are The Townhouses, the solo project of artist Leigh Hannah – smooth, a little jazzy and in the same wandering, mid-fi vein as The Rider. Sleep Decade are set to provide some sparse as shit sit down music (because who, from the highest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant, doesn’t enjoy a good sit?) while Sarah Mary Chadwick laments slowly all the things we probably didn’t do on Saturday.

Doors open at 3pm, music starts at 4pm, hairs of the dog that bit ya (jugs of Coopers) are $15.00 flat and (if your stomach can handle it) Malibu and Pineapples are a mere $5.00. The perfect recipe for a Sunday arvo, do yourself a favour and head down whenever to relax your slacks to some sweet tunes.