Shows: The Julie Ruin + Early Woman

The Julie Ruin are as close as this decade has come to dance-punk yet (take that how you will). They have a rock and roll attitude with some very 2010’s surf-revival guitar tones, yet the whole affair reeks of hair product, synthesised melodies and Karen O meets riot grrrl vocals. Remember Pnau? Remember Bikini Kill? These bands are pretty mutually exclusive (if you remember Pnau you probably weren’t alive for Bikini Kill and if you remember Bikini Kill you probably ain’t too keen on masculine empowerment in music and would shun Pnau) yet if you mix the two, you’ll get something close to The Julie Ruin*.

Early Woman

Hold the phone (our readers may well cry) – The Julie Ruin are from New York City! Why is Australian only music zine Happy writing about a bunch of Yanks from ? For the supports of course! This Friday, Sydneysiders can check out both The Julie Ruin and super duper Melbourne quartet Early Woman, which is basically like checking out  Spider VomitYoung ProfessionalsSt Helens and Happy favourite Montero all at once! Can someone say SUPER VALUE HAPPY FUN TIME in a borderline racist Japanese accent? No? Okay.

The show is tonight at the Factory Theatre – tickets are a whopping $44 buckaroos so make sure you take up that extra shift over the weekend and are available from the Factory website. Doors open at 8pm and music starts at 9pm.

*Turns out The Julie Ruin is fronted by ex Bikini Kills member Kathleen Hannah. What a twist!



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