Sigur Rós launch new line of bespoke CBD oils

Sigur Rós have just launched their very own line of bespoke CBD tinctures. 

The Icelandic post-rock band have collaborated with Vona to deliver two high-grade, golden 1000mg-strength CBD tinctures designed for night and day.

Sigur Rós announce ‘Sleep’ and ‘Wake’, two bespoke CBD oils specially crafted from organic hemp seeds. Oh, how very Sigur Rós. 

The two tinctures include “Sleep,” a rose and lemon spiced infusion designed “to support your mind and body as you drift off into the ethereal,” as well as “Wake” which carries a citrus pine palette and is formulated to “help you align with the physical world. To be taken after waking or during the day for focus.”

The band took to their website to make the announcement and made the following statement:

“In Icelandic, Von loosely means ‘to hope’. As the world spins ever faster, our collective hope is for a better life: healthier, less stressful, more benevolent and inspiring, for others and ourselves. Vona has been created specifically to address those aims.

“Vona is a new collective of artists, researchers, farmers, formulators and experts in the field of CBD and novel cannabidiol, the chemical compound of the hemp plant (cannabis sativa) that won’t get you high but has been proven to have healing properties.

“These high-grade, golden 1000mg-strength tinctures are made from craft organic hemp and grown from hand-picked seed. The crude hemp oil is extracted and distilled, to isolate the cannabinoids, and the terpenes, which are re-combined to create a pure distillate. These are our first unique formulas created in collaboration with Vona, a group of people united in their passion to explore the relationship between body and plant in order to provide unique artisanal products.”

A 1,000 mg bottle of either tincture will cost $58 US. Of course, as a result of Aussie laws, the oils are only available to customers in the United States. Along with the announcement came a stunning (and trippy) promo video. You can check it out here.