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HD 25 Light is a fresh take on a classic pair of Sennheiser headphones

Sennheiser—the lauded German company which is responsible for its fair share of classic studio microphones and more—is celebrating 75 years in business. Far from contemplating retirement, the company has refreshed its line of classic headphones: say hello to the HD 25 Light.

We recently took a closer look at the HD 25 limited edition headphones—resplendent in their yellow earcups. The HD 25 Light is a smaller sibling in size and weight. But sonically, the comfy new cans more than hold their own. Sennheiser HD 25 Light

Throughout its 75-year history, Sennheiser has built unparalleled expertise in the world of headphones. Meet its newest addition: HD 25 Light.

With its high-flying back-story and a match-fitness that was honed in the nightclubs of the ’80s by DJs the world over, the HD 25 is an undisputed icon of the headphone world. As such, it was a no-brainer that Sennheiser brought these cans back to prominence on their big anniversary, by highlighting their versatility, sonic performance and its sheer ability to take a beating like no other pair of headphones.

The HD 25 Light shares all these attributes, but in a package that’s even more portable—and as the name would suggest, they are seriously light. On first inspection, it’s a study in minimalism. The HD 25 limited edition yellow headphones are comparatively chunky in comparison to this featherweight pair.

Sonically, however, the performance of the two different models is near identical. The HD 25 Light covers a massive 16 Hz – 22 kHz frequency bandwidth, so multipurpose monitoring and DJing is well within its capabilities. But as a pair of heavy-duty headphones for long sessions of listening on the move, they’re next to unbeatable.

It doesn’t have all the bell and whistles of its more expensive big brother (dual headbands, fancy yellow earcups), but they’re equally hardwearing and incredibly versatile. Parts are easily replaceable (cables and earcups,  so you’ll be able to enjoy these headphones for a long time.

To pick up your pair, visit the Sennheiser website.