Behold this Spanish Baroque painting restoration which went terribly wrong

The Spaniards have done it again. A Spanish man was given the task of restoring a classic art piece originally painted by artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, titled Immaculate Conception.

Commissioned by a private art dealer, the new rendition of the work truly is an Immaculate Conception – of the botched kind.


Turns out this Spanish art restorer didn’t quite get the memo; not all art is subjective.

Yes, not all art is subjective – especially when it comes to classic art pieces, in which the restorer was paid a solid $2000 for this ‘clean up job.’ You see, it turns out the man wasn’t quite skilled for the job and is actually a furniture restorer in reality. Talk about tooting your own horn – I’m not quite sure how he managed to convince the art dealer he was equipped for the job.

But we aren’t totally surprised, as Spain has no regulation or laws outlining who can restore an artwork meaning basically anyone can apply for the position.

And this isn’t the first time this has happened. Does Monkey Christ ring a bell? If not, check out this before and after of an absolute weapon of an art restoration:

Elias Garcia Martinez’s ‘Ecce Homo’ and its attempted restoration

This 16th-Century St George statue is also a favourite:

The St George sculpture and its attempted restoration

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