Silver Hills – Plasticine Daydream

Daydreams, they’re truly a wonderful thing. Many a Year 9 maths class I’d spend my time day-dreaming about a girl I’d met at a party the weekend before instead of learning what Pythagorus’ Theorem was. Daydreams are a way to escape the everyday and conventional, if only for a moment. But those moments can be ever so sweet. That’s what Perth band, Silver Hills, seek to achieve on their latest EP Plasticine Daydream.

silver hills

If you’re a fan of dreamy shoegaze music then you need to get your ears to some of Perth’s Silver Hills – flawless in their technical musicality and relaxed vibes.

Shoegaze isn’t for everyone. I’ve always associated it with droning vocals, pretty guitars and an almost non-existent bass. But most people fucking love it. Which is understandable, especially on warm Spring days like these, this music seems to capture the daydreams of our youth, those wandering vocals mirroring your own wandering thoughts as to what the future may hold.

Title track Plasticine Daydream starts out in typical beach rock/ indie pop fashion; pretty, jangley guitars that blend seamlessly with the relaxed vocals. Imagery of “Footprints in the sand” and “Is reality just a dream?” give a pretty good idea of the ideology to be found on this EP; memories are fleeting, and that reality is only what you make of it.

Lyrics such as these aren’t the most engaging, but they suffice if you’re ever feeling particularly existential or just want an easy going soundtrack against which you can reflect. One of the true delights of this track is the keyboards, discreetly working in the background to give Silver Hills a little more depth.

Memento is more engaging, the melody of the chorus has a sweetness to it and the easy going nature of the song makes you want to lie under the shade of a tree and take a care free nap. It carries over themes of reflections and notions of idealism- these casual musings partnering well with the music. The soaring guitars are nicely backed up by the crashing of cymbals before gently fading out, in a way coming to represent the fading qualities of a memory long past.

We Had Our Days follows the same formula of drowsy vocals and dreamy guitars. But that keyboard man, it really opens up a whole new space on this track and gives the song an atmospheric feel that elevates it above your run of the mill shoegaze pop.

Sunset On The West Coast clocks in at a hefty seven minutes, and is easily the best track to be found on the EP. It starts slowly, the vocals, sparse guitar and keyboard drawing you into this spacious dreamworld. It evolves with crashing of drums and the guitars are allowed to let loose a bit.

The vocals are not as dominating, allowing the instruments to take centre stage. The result is much more dynamic and in some places touches on some truly epic moments. And in my personal opinion, this is a perfect song to make out to with that special someone, maybe that pretty girl you met at a pool party back in Year 9.

Plasticine Daydream is definitely an EP all you shoegaze loving kids should get your paws on. It demonstrates what is great about the genre, whilst hinting at where it could be taken in the future. And if you’re not all that keen on hazy vocals and effects soaked guitars you may just be pleasantly surprised to be charmed by the relaxed vibes of this EP.



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