Silver linings alert: the COVID-19 pandemic might reduce the spread of STIs for good

With quarantine restrictions leaving people trapped indoors all over the world, many of us have had to take an involuntary sex strike (emphasis on the involuntary).

But, while that might sound like just about the worst news ever, there might just be a silver lining. 

Turns out all that Tinder abstinence wasn’t for nothing: Experts believe that the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to a decline in the rate of STIs for good.

The pandemic has seen people’s sex lives get turned on their head, with many turning to virtual options when it comes to getting down and dirty, including online sex parties and chat sites. As the tinder dates get put on hold, people are also turning to increased use of sex toys which has seen a rise in online sex toy sales, as well as an increase in searches on DIY sex gadgets.

But while we are all out here satisfying our own needs, there is quite a unique opportunity to reduce the rate of STIs, which have been rising significantly over recent years. Justin Harbottle from SH:24, an online service which free STI test kits, told the BBC:

“If people can keep testing going and everyone gets tested while on this break, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event really. Even at the start of the HIV epidemic, I don’t think you had such a clean-cut period where collectively – as a population – people stopped having sex with new partners.”

Dr John McSorley, president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV also added:

“If we could test and treat everybody for their infections now, that would be a game-changer going forward as people slowly move towards normality.” 

If you are healthy and able to get out of your quarantine hobble, you should consider getting tested. Make sure it’s before lockdown concludes, so you can be sure to have the results before millions of horny people are released back into society. We all know there’s gonna be some catching up to do. 

In other news, doctors say we should all masturbate in lockdown to boost our immune systems. You’re welcome.