The coronavirus lockdown has seen a huge spike in DIY sex toys

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing us all to spend a whole lot of extra time at home, we have seen everyone embrace new ways of keeping themselves entertained. From DIY candle-making to binge-watching the latest Netflix TV series, we all have ways of passing this extra time.

But could there be a new craft project emerging across the globe? Lately, we’ve also seen a spike in internet searches around DIY sex toys emerging from all corners of the world.

diy sex toys

We suspected people would be getting freaky, but is it really a good idea to be getting out that leftover cucumber?

We called it: more people would be getting down and dirty with the opportunity just too hard to pass up with all this extra time on our hands. And it seems people are interested in using more than their hands to keep themselves feeling good.

Just recently, online marketplace OnBuy released that there were over 23,000 Google searches in the UK around creating DIY vibrators and lube to use in isolation. With words like ‘cucumber’ and ‘hairbrush’ common search terms. But just how safe is it to put toothpaste to use in places Oral B has never seen before?

Gynaecologist Dr Shree Datta spoke to The Mirror to set the record straight:

“I’ve been sent some research about people making their own sex toys at home during lockdown – using mobile phones for vibration, electric toothbrushes and cucumbers.” She said. “Whilst this is not uncommon, I would not recommend using make-shift sex toys due to the risk of infection and complications such as retained parts in the vagina.”

So maybe put down the wooden spoon and coconut oil. With plenty of online sex shops offering discounted products and fast delivery, and supporting the sex work industry as important as ever, there is no excuse to be using that electric toothbrush for anything other than a clean smile.