The real winner of COVID-19 is Pornhub. Here are their stats

In their latest Coronavirus Insights blog post, Pornhub have released some interesting statistics on how their wordwide traffic has changed since the beginning of self-isolation and social distancing.

The company’s statisticians are happy to report that “not only had visits to Pornhub increased, but we also found that people were choosing to visit the site at different times of the day.” 


Even though no-one asked, Pornhub really want us to know that literally everyone is on their site, all day.

The site reports that since February 24th worldwide traffic has been above average, but began to increase more noticeably around March 10th. They released the following charts documenting the changes in viewership from the beginning of global efforts to self-isolate and social distance.

So as we can see here in Figure A, everything was going pretty normal up until mid-March. It was obviously from then on that self-isolating really started to take off, and people started to get off.


According to the smug bastards themselves, Pornhub’s comparisons were made to an average traffic period in February. Because traffic varies depending on the day of the week, each day was compared to the same day of the week during the average period. They even so kindly included a link to their reports from 2019 to show their normal traffic levels for comparison.

As self-isolation efforts are ever-increasing across the world, the company recently made their Premium services free for users. As a result, traffic in the UK increasing 15% and Australia 5% on March 24th.

It also appears that early in the morning and early in the afternoon are prime times for people to grab out the headphones.

With Pornhub thriving, condom and lube sales at an all time high and free Premium, I think it’s pretty obvious how the world is coping with self-isolation. Check out Pornhub’s full report here.