Single Premiere: Centre and The South – Feel That Flow

If someone asked me out of the blue if I could “Feel that flow” I would be confused as to whether or not I was being asked to perform a new sex act that was all the rage with all the cool kids. Which would be just fine as we happen to be premiering the sultry, seductive bass grooves of Feel That Flow, the new single from Centre and The South.

Centre and The South

Listen to the premiere of Centre and The South’s new single Feel That Flow on Happy now! Smooth, positive reggae at it’s finest!

Hailing from Melbourne, Centre and The South have grown exponentially since their humble beginnings in 2009. Founded by frontman Nicholas Emsley and lead guitarist Jimmy Doheny the band have slowly evolved into an unstoppable six-piece roots and reggae machine. Let’s face it, with all the nonchalant shoegaze and headache inducing ‘doof doof’ tuneskies out there a bit of freaking reggae every once in a while is a damn good thing. The positive, relaxing and happy vibes that exudes exponentially from Centre and The South ridiculously infectious. Listening to these guys it’s hard to stop the smile that begins to spread across your face.

Their new song Feel That Flow is taken form their upcoming debut album, which is due for release next January. First thing’s first; that bass man. It just cruises along so casually. If the instruments of Centre and The South were the gang from Happy Days then that bass is the Fonzie of the crew without a doubt. It’s cool, it’s calm and takes the lead so effortlessly. That’s not to imply the bass is the most prevalent presence on Feel That Flow, but it is certainly the most constant and it definitely carries the song. All the other pieces nicely fall into place; the sparse, funky guitars and horns give the song its meat.

But what really makes the track shine is the lyrics. Nicholas has penned a song that is all about spreading love, peace and overall good vibes. I know, that description makes it sound like the band are some stereotypical hippie dudes spreading shallow messages of ‘free love’. On the contrary, Feel That Flow finds it’s strength in the sincerity of it’s message. “Get up! Set your feet on the ground and feel that flow” sings Nicholas from the beginning. “We don’t care what’s at stake. We need to ask if we’ve learned from their mistakes” he continues in that ridiculously catchy chorus. Feel That Flow is a song that truly preaches the message of embracing every day and trying to do something positive with it. There’s no anger, no pretension, just a call to be the best person you can be. It’s rare for a band to have so much clarity, and I personally can’t wait to see what else Centre and The South have in store come 2015.

The guys are supporting Victorian folk/rock outfit Buddha In A Chocolate Box  on their headline tour. Dates below!

14th Jan – Yours & Owls – Wollongong NSW

16th Jan – Coogee Diggers – Sydney NSW
supporting Buddha In A Chocolate Box
17th Jan – Annandale Hotel, Sydney NSW
 supporting Buddha In A Chocolate Box