Single Premiere: DX Heaven – All The Time

Need some more 90’s inspired synth in your life? Of course you do, and if you say you don’t then you’ve got issues kid. Let your ears take a gander at All The Time, the brand new single from DX Heaven premiering today on Happy!

DX Heaven

We have the world wide premiere of DX Heaven’s new single All The Time! The atmospheric synths will become the new soundtrack for your dreams.

The man behind the keys, Nicholas Lam, has been playing with some of the best Aussie artists around including Owl Eyes, Lisa Mitchell and I’lls. His solo project took root after he heroically rescued neglected synthesisers from various garages and dusty attics in Melbourne. Performing under the new moniker of DX Heaven Nicholas’ music is a time machine that takes you back to a simpler era when all-denim outfits were acceptable and girl band members were colour coded for the sake of being distinguishable.

All The Time is the second single from DX Heaven’s EP Aftertouch, and you can listen to it below! The track is steeped in minimalism, made up of a few soft synth parts, sparse percussion and Nicholas’ clear, soothing voice. “I’m in it all the time”, his voice gently cuts through the silence. Before you know it those synths have crept up on you as the song explores ideas of adversity and hope. The synths coupled with Nicholas’ voice create a great, atmospheric tone.

The limited percussion really adds to the feelings of vast space on this track, the long time between each echoing snare hit allow those synths and vocals to intertwine and stretch out unhindered to create a dreamy landscape. As the song goes on the beat continues to pulse along giving the track a more fluid nature. Listening to this song can give one the impression that they are sitting back on a cloud floating in the star filled night sky with the soft moonlight on their face.

The atmospheric nature of All The Time has the uncanny ability to make it seem time is standing still. The unconditional space felt on the track makes it seem that in these mere four minutes you can take a moment to step out of time itself. Is that even possible you ask? I’m not entirely sure, even the expert has trouble explaining it.