Single Premiere: Max and The Electric – City Lover

Everyone loves a guitar battle. When I was 16 I saw two guitarists shred it out at a battle of the bands competition. They were pretty shit, but the concept of two axes going to battle always filled me with joy. Which makes today a special one indeed as we premiere City Lover from fresh perth band Max and The Electric, with plenty of jousting guitars to go around!


 It’s our favourite time of the day, premiere time! Today we have the first ever track from Perth’s Max and The Electric. Listen to City Lover now!

Now when I say that Max and The Electric are fresh, I really mean that they are a brand spankin’ new band and City Lover is the first baby they have unleashed upon the world. And just like a new born baby, Max and The Electric want to share their bouncing joy with everyone. The band was formed by James Stefanuto and Tom O’Reilly, the pair honing their songwriting partnership over almost two years. The fruits of their labors is beginning to bloom (fruit blooms right?)  as City Lover proves to be a fun way to introduce yourself to Max and The Electric.

There are a lot of things to love about this track, but what is most certainly the foundation on which the song stands on is the dueling guitars. It may not be a shred off, but James and Tom playfully perform against each other with their differing guitar parts, creating a sense of spontaneity and an organic evolution within the song’s brisk four minutes. The pre-chorus instrumental really bears that sense of playfulness, the two guitars parts playing off each other in a rather casual but exciting manner.

The chorus is chock full of party grooves, the bass and drums clipping along at a nice pace as the beat drives the song forward, but leaving plenty of room for those guitars to have their fun. Don’t be surprised to find this song getting the remix treatment some time in the future. The vocals are a little distant, which adds to the live band feel the track boasts, but unfortunately means they play second fiddle to all the instrumentation.

Regardless, this is a solid debut for Max and the Electric, and they are definitely worth keeping an eye on in the future.