Single Premiere for Wren's second release is Alive and well

Single Premiere: Wren – Alive

It’s the most subtle things that tend to creep up on us, unearthing an emotional void that we never realised existed or had been subconsciously suppressing all this time. This song comes from a place of modesty, of sensitivity and yet its heartening ways will “takes you to another place,” without you realising how or having the desire to question the healing abilities of its creator.


Wren’s second single Alive is just as emotionally driven and grand as her debut Here. Classical-pop with a touch of electronic is not a genre to be underestimated – Wren proves why.

Sydney’s singer-songwriter Wren (aka Jess Graham) is also a multi-instrumentalist classically trained as a violinist. Her take on the electronic-pop-classical genre brings about a modern appreciation by maintaining the nostalgia, nonchalantness and liveliness that allows classics to be ever effectual. You have to give Wren a listen, with a sound described as : “A haunting web of intricate strings, raw vocals and atmospheric effects, Wren will take you on a journey into a beautiful, perhaps dark and brooding place.”

The opening of Alive presents these beautifully melodic guitar lines which launch the song. The track gains momentum as layers of instruments combine to construct this lush and euphoric texture, giving it that sophisticated and grandeur quality – it grows in confidence yet holds back to remain grounded.

The touch of echoey distortion to the flowing guitars, the crisp and gentle piano lines, the flurry of mellow drawn out strings, all work to accentuate the emotion and smoothness of Alive – each instrument stands strong in isolation and together cause a much warranted hush to its surroundings.

Wren’s dulcet vocals with its naturally whispery and low rumbling timbre, compliments the gentle vibrato which emerges from all the instruments – an admirable quality which has created harmony throughout.

From the first lyrics, I was captivated by Wren’s unassuming ability to create vivid imagery – succinct, powerful and deserving of much respect. Young fans can’t help but  remember what is important in life and older fans will appreciate the fleeting moment this song will allow in reminiscing the fonder past, perhaps shedding a tear or two in the process.

From the opening of, “We’re born to, we’re bred to survive, to come alive and one day leave without a trace,” you just know there will be more precious lyrics throughout and I assure you, there are.