Ditch the sheep counting, catch some Zs with Natalie Imbruglia & Cody Simpson via ‘Sleep Sound’

Aussies are about to have Natalie Imbruglia, Cody Simpson, & Pallavi Sharda tuck them in at night with ‘Sleep Sound’ podcast

Get ready to trade your usual bedtime playlist for something a bit more tranquil. Natalie Imbruglia, Cody Simpson, and Pallavi Sharda are teaming up for an Audible Original podcast series, ‘Sleep Sound,’ arriving in March 2024 – and it’s all about helping you catch some quality Zs.

Joining the ranks of Audible’s global Sleep Sound collection alongside familiar voices like Jamie Dornan and Sienna Miller, these Aussies are set to bring a touch of Down Under dreaminess to your nightly routine.

sleep sound podcast

First in line for this audio slumber party is ‘Sleep Sound with Natalie Imbruglia.’ Imagine winding down to the soothing tones of Imbruglia reading iconic Australian poetry by Dorothea Mackellar. It’s like a gentle lullaby for your restless mind.

Then, we’ve got Cody Simpson, not just the singer but also a chill swimmer. ‘Sleep Sound with Cody Simpson’ invites you to a guided swim meditation around Aussie beaches, lakes, and waterfalls. It’s a virtual dip in the serene waters – minus the wet hair.

Lastly, Pallavi Sharda whisks you away to India in ‘Sleep Sound with Pallavi Sharda.’ There, you’ll catch some Zs while she unfolds the magical Sleeping Beauty tale, the Tale of Princess Aubergine. It’s like a bedtime story with a touch of wanderlust.

Karen Appathurai Wiggins, Audible’s Head of Content for APAC, is pretty stoked about the collaboration, saying, “We envisage Natalie, Cody, and Pallavi’s voices becoming an essential part of our listeners’ nightly routines.”

In a world where almost half of Aussies are tuning into audiobooks and podcasts to wind down, ‘Sleep Sound’ promises to be a low-key remedy for those restless nights.

So, grab your favourite blanket, hit play, and let Imbruglia, Simpson, and Sharda be your bedtime companions. Sweet dreams, friends!