Slinkee Minx make their long-awaited return with new dance-pop single ‘I Can Feel U’

You’d be hard pressed to find any Australian music fan who hasn’t heard of Slinkee Minx. 

For decades, the Melbourne duo — composed of vocalists Annemare Failla and Michelle Palmer — has dominated the airwaves with their infectious combination of electronic beats and pop sensibilities, most notably on their 2006 smash hit Summer Rain.

And while most of us have recited (and danced along to) that earworm track in the 17 years since its release (it’s just that catchy), Slinkee Minx aren’t ones to rest on their laurels. 

Slinkee Minx single 'I Can Feel You'

Today, they mark their return to the scene with their show-stopping new single, I Can Feel U. Produced by James Ash — of the equally iconic Australian group Rogue Traders — the single musters all of the energy of Slinkee Minx’s previous chart-toppers while also treading new sonic directions.

All the staples of dance-pop revelry are all there, and are perhaps most present in the Palmer and Failla’s pristine vocal performance.

All throughout I Can Feel U, the pair’s melodies glisten with all the verve of truly polished pop-stars, flitting between ascendent harmonies and anthemic hooks with insatiable finesse.

Further deepening the track is Ash’s propulsive production, which brims with shimmering synths and tinkling keys in what becomes a quintessential dance floor-filler.Like Summer Rain before it, I Can Feel U is steadfast in its intent on simply having a good time.


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There’s an unabashed and hedonistic quality to the climactic build-ups and dissipating bass drops, as if Slinkee Minx are inviting listeners to join in on the simple pleasure that is a good tune.

Far from the brooding and dark sounds that some EDM tracks rely on, I Can Feel U is a reminder that, when executed properly, dance-pop is music’s greatest ecstasy. 

Ash disperses ear-catching flairs throughout the track, from panning and echoey melodies to glitchy sound effects and distorted vocals.

Lyrically, I Can Feel U is just as decadent and pleasure-seeking as its production, as Failla and Palmer recall barely-dressed encounters with a paramour and revel in dancing in someone’s arms. 


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It’s exactly the kind of pure pop you’d expect from a veteran duo with decades in the game and millions of streams to their name.

I Can Feel U is a welcome return to form for two of Australian music’s biggest names, and with summer just around the corner, it couldn’t have come soon enough. 

I Can Feel U comes ahead of a string of additional singles set to be released by Slinkee Minx in the coming year. In the meantime, though, you can listen to Slinkee Minx’s new single I Can Feel U below.