Someone has made P2 Masks you actually might want to wear

Over the last couple of weeks, New South Wales has been hit hard with bushfires and thick smoke wafting across our cities. It’s hard to know just how much harm is being inflicted by inhaling heavy smoke throughout our day and the consequent impact that has on our bodies. Warnings have been declared for those who have lung conditions or asthma and it isn’t uncommon to see people wearing P2 masks as you go about your day.

You know P2 masks? They look a little like something apocalyptic from the future? Well they’ve just gotten a makeover by four “20-something” year olds living in Sydney, who have created P2 masks you might want to wear. Introducing Smoggys.

smoggys p2 masks
Image: Smoggys

“We know, wearing P2 masks isn’t something Aussies are used to. But then again, we aren’t used to having our air quality compared to the folks in countries who need to wear them, either.”

The creators of the masks have come out with a range of designs that are uniquely Australian – from bin chickens to koalas – all of which have sold out from their website.

The P2 masks also have a dual function. Not only are they intended to protect us from toxic smoke inhalation with a bit of style, but they are also helping Sydney-siders assist in fighting the fires from the city. All funds gained from the purchase of a mask go directly to the Rural Fire Service, paired with an active GoFundMe site where you can make a donation to assist the team with resourcing materials to keep the business going.

With the media alleging that the smoke inhalation is equivalent to smoking up to 30 cigarettes a day, these new P2 masks are a breath of fresh air – or at least the closest thing you can manage.

Find out more about Smoggys here.