Someone just found a Laura Palmer sized blunt just chilling on the shore. But why did he call it in?

Have you ever been to the Sunshine Coast? It’s Australia’s answer to Florida. Old people, palm trees and the general scent of where you go to die. It’s the last place Jeff Stolowitz expected to find a Laura Palmer sized joint! Ten sweet pounds of weed, wrapped in plastic brown paper.

monster sized blunt

Sun, old people and monster sized spliffs. Maybe Florida isn’t so bad after all? Sunshine coast please take note!

Sadly old mate had to call it in because of appeared to be a layer of blood coating one end of the monster sized spliff.  “That’s when I thought I should back up and not touch anything,” Stolowitz told the Orlando Sentinel. “It was a little scary.”

Rather than try to jack the massive ganja stash, Stolowitz called the local authorities, who came by to check it out. Officials from Volusia County Beach Safety ended up testing the package’s contents—which they determined was only about five pounds of weed without the water weight—and destroyed it.

Volusia County Beach Safety captain Mike Berard told the Sentinel that whoever sent the stash out to sea had likely coated it with blood to try to throw drug-sniffing dogs off its pungent scent. The giant doobie was coated with so many barnacles that Berard and his team estimated that it had been floating around in the ocean for at least two weeks.

“This actually happens more than you think,” Berard told the Sentinel. “Whenever we get these big surfs, all types of stuff washes up on shore.”

Noted, thanks!