Sonic Youth release 1993 live album ‘Blastic Scene’ from their archive

Sonic Youth has just released tapes from a 1993 gig in Lisbon, Portugal.

The recording, titled Blastic Scene, comes from a show the band played in an old bullring, a gig that saw the band explore new territories, both sonically and geographically. Sonic Youth Blastic Scene

Sonic Youth has released a 1993 live album Blastic Scene from their archive. It features songs from then-unreleased Experimental Jet Set.

The tapes were originally released as part of an authorised bootleg in 1995 (though only in Spain) and features the band playing songs from then-unreleased album Experimental Jet Set, including fan favourite and single Bull in the Heather.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Thurston Moore explains the tape “catches us in a good place in our history. Just post the Nirvana mania of ’90 to ’92 and our moving away from the overamped thrum of that into more stripped-down, linear and, possibly, introspective tones”.

Sonic Youth has released a dozen archive tapes since March, with Bandcamp and its model of giving 85% of funds to artists served as an impetus for the release of Blastic Scene and other tapes.

To do a deep dive into the experiments of Blastic Scene and other live tapes, head over to Sonic Youth’s Bandcamp and purchase for a small fee.