10 great Aussie records you can buy on Bandcamp tomorrow

On March 20, Bandcamp donated 100% of their profits directly to artists for the whole day. As the coronavirus kicks on, and artists continue to struggle through a lack of gig revenue, Bandcamp will repeat the dose on May 1st.

Back in March, we highlighted a select few Aussie albums that we deemed worthy of your support during these trying times. With Bandcamp’s initiative getting another spin, we’ve taken that liberty once again. Check out our list below.


Bandcamp will direct 100% of its revenue to artists for the duration of May 1. We’ve selected a few killer records for you to throw your support behind.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – All In Good Time

Crazy to think that Eddy Current Suppression Ring has been around for 16 years at this point. Their 2019 release, All In Good Time, was their first in a decade. Thankfully they’ve retained their raw, throttling energy and hilarious lyrics. For fans of Royal Headache.

Head to Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Bandcamp to pick up All In Good Time.

Laura Jean – Devotion

Developing a reputation for beautiful dream-pop arrangements and incisive lyricism, Laura Jeanhas become one of Melbourne’s many promising products. Her 2018 album, Devotion, features her most poignant explorations of difficult themes and is, frankly, stunning. For fans of Beach House.

Head to Laura Jean’s Bandcamp page to pick up Devotion.

The Good Boys – The Good Boys

Sydney’s The Good Boys are an enigmatic bunch. Their live shows usually involve them donning a bunch of black cloaks and playing upbeat surf-rock. It’s a confusing time for all concerned, but is a large part of what makes them so fun. For fans of The Ventures.

Head to The Good Boys Bandcamp page to pick up their self-titled.

Tangents – New Bodies

Tangents have been carving a pocket in Australia’s instrumental scene for a decade now. Their harmonically dense, electronically-infused pieces are truly genre-defying. In 2018 they released their sophomore LP, New Bodies, a dizzyingly diverse and immersive piece of sheer innovation. For fans of Talk Talk.

Head to the Tangents Bandcamp page to pick up New Bodies.

e4444e – Mr Dover and The Endless Rovers

Newcastle’s e4444e is riding the bountiful wave of bedroom production right now. Colourful, creative and whimsical, e4444e recently unleashed his latest single in the lead up to his debut LP, Coldstream Road. While this won’t hit us until June, you can check out his 2018 EP, Mr Dover and The Endless Rovers on Bandcamp. For fans of Animal Collective.

Head to e4444e’s Bandcamp page to pick up Mr Dover and The Endless Rovers.

Sui Zhen – Losing, Linda

Melbourne singer-songwriter Sui Zhen came out with her third full-length LP, Losing, Linda last year. Employing minimalist production and a unique vocal style, Losing, Linda strikes a perfect balance between the simple and the abstract. For fans of Kate Bush.

Head to Sui Zhen’s Bandcamp page to pick up Losing, Linda.

RVG – Feral

Melbourne’s RVG have seemingly mastered that timeless sound of Aussie alt-rock. Their sophomore LP, Feral, embodies all of the best things we remember from Australia’s pub-rock scene of the 70s and 80s. For fans of Midnight Oil.

Head to RVG’s Bandcamp page to pick up Feral

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice – Remember The Future? Vol. 1.

Melbourne product, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, had us eagerly anticipating their 2020 EP after an exhilarating single, CollapseThe anticipation was definitely not misplaced. Remember The Future Vol. 1 is a twitching, quivering, spasming and electrifying demonstration of post-punk. For fans of Tropical Fuck Storm.

Head to Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice Bandcamp page to pick up Remember The Future Vol. 1. 


Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse – Pstilovybin’

Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse is probably one of the Sydney music scene’s biggest losses in the context of live performances. Their self-aware brand of funk, soul and rock n’ roll is simply a delight to behold. Thankfully their 2019 album, Pstilovybin, is also right up there on the enjoyability scale. For fans of Funkadelic.

Head to the Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse Bandcamp page to pick up Pstilovybin’.

Shady Nasty – Bad Posture

Sydney lads Shady Nasty burst into our consciousness with their debut EP in 2017. Now they’re back with a follow-up, Bad Posture. It’s an intoxicating, atmospheric slice of experimental punk. For fans of La Dispute.

Head to Shady Nasty’s Bandcamp page to pick up Bad Posture