Sonic Youth's Lee Ronaldo has released three rare recordings

Sonic Youth’s Lee Ronaldo has released three rare recordings to Bandcamp

Lee Ronaldo, one of the two lead guitarists of Sonic Youth, has release two albums and a song to Bandcamp.

The rare releases are the first official releases from the legendary Sonic Youth guitarist.

Sonic Youth
Lee Ronaldo (Right) and Kim Gordan (Left) playing with Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth’s Lee Ronaldo has released a collection of rare solo material including two albums and a single to his personal Bandcamp account.

The co-founder’s releases include, “Stray tracks and hard to find releases, which will probably change up from time to time.” These release follow last months huge release of 12 rare Sonic Youth concerts.

Ronaldo’s releases include a cover of Hanatarash’s My Dad Is Car, and two live solo recordings called DEMONS: MUSIC FOR STAGE AND SCREEN and a bunch of 1988 and 1989 solo recordings called Scriptures of the Golden Eternity.

In a recent interview with Spin Magazine, Ronaldo discussed the archival project, “We have a couple of engineers and archivist people that we work with. But we’re still all interested in it, we’ve been maintaining a massive archive that continues to grow. Steve Shelley has been really active in it, and the rest of us a little bit less so, but I’ve been pretty active in helping put together the last bunch of packages that come out. In this case, this guy from Russia just said: ‘Hey, I’ve got this tape of the show’ that we had never heard before, and he wanted to put it out.”

Hopefully there will be more to come from Ronaldo and Sonic Youth soon enough.