Sony Music concede a Michael Jackson impersonator sang on his posthumous album

Michael Jackson fans around the world remain in shock after news broke that fake songs made their way onto MJ’s posthumous album, Michael, back in 2010.

In 2014, a fan named Vera Serova brought a Class Action lawsuit against Eddie Cascio, Jackon’s long-time friend, and his production company Angelikson Productions LLC. Serova accused them of creating fake songs and then selling them through Michael Jackon’s estate and through Sony Music Entertainment.

The Cascio brothers had been longtime friends of Jackson, and he often called them his “second family”. James Porte, an alleged co-writer of twelve MJ songs, including the three stated above, was also involved in the case.

Sony Music has conceded in court that they released three songs, Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up and Monster, by a Michael Jackson impersonator after a handful of die-hard fans questioned their legitimacy. Jackson’s mother, Katherine, believed the same.

Porte and Cascio claimed that these songs were recorded in New Jersey in 2007, but failed to provide any solid evidence to support their claims. In the Los Angeles Superior Court, Serova argued that the songs were fake and performed by an MJ impersonator named Jason Malachi. Serova cited several inconsistencies in the manner these songs came to fruition, which is supported by a 41-page report by a forensic audiologist who concluded by research that the songs were not, in fact, sung by Jackson.

Serova offered several documents of evidence-based concern from Jackson’s friends, family and collaborators, stating the three songs, in particular, were not cohesive to Jackson’s original vibe, including his trademark finger snaps and foot stomps. When Sony asked Porte and Cascio to provide alternate vocal takes for these three songs, they claimed they had deleted all files from their computers.

In December 2016, Sony Music conceded that the vocals could potentially be forgeries, noting that they didn’t do enough research to confirm before accepting the tracks.

On Wednesday, August 22, in a new hearing, the entertainment giant officially admitted that Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up, and Monster were all performed by an impersonator.

Via Hot New Hip Hop.