Sorry Gale, Katniss REALLY loves Pita

That isn’t a typo in the title, Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen loves Pita, and we have the footage to prove it.

Katnis loves Pita

Forget the shrimpy Peeta Malark or the far superior Baby Thor, the true way to a girl’s heart is baked flatbread. And to prove the point, the legends at Pistol Shrimps have put together an epic supercut that captures the love between the girl on fire and one of Mesopotamia’s greatest gifts to the human race.

Not even the evil President Snow can keep these two apart, as Katniss is helplessly wrapped in the comforting warmth of Pita. We understand how you feel mate. Good thing she keeps fit from all that archery-ing, otherwise she’d get fat.

bread makes you fat