Space Monk cram plenty of fun in their Chewbacca inspired indie rock

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Want to know the secret formula that created Space Monk? Just find four goobers, put them in a room with a Playstation, a bunch of instruments, the Star Wars box set and a shit load of Domino’s pizza. Before you know it you’ve got yourself four qualified Monks.

Space Monks

Need more songs about Chewbacca on your playlist? Sydney’s goofy four piece Space Monk is the band to provide those choice breezy indie rock jams.

It’s okay if this doesn’t make sense to you, it doesn’t make sense to anyone. The beauty of this four piece is that their music does all the talking for them. While some musicians exist solely to create beautifully raw songs that pull on the ol’ heartstrings, others prefer to lighten the mood with songs about Chewbacca and the drummer falling in love with his laptop. To put it simply, this band exists to show you a good time. Presenting Space Monk, a band who encapsulate the wonders of the universe and beyond through a fusion of garage pop, surf and psych-rock.

The Northern Beaches outfit, comprised of lead vocalist/guitarist Lachlan Body, guitarist Rory Mitchell, bassist Jack Davis and drummer Torey Hutchinson, are self-proclaimed primary school sweethearts, who spent years jamming and mingling before officially forming as a band in early 2013. The boys now have a local cult following, known for their engaging live shows and incredible branding of all things intergalactic.

The success of Space Monk’s debut single Analysis Paralysis saw the band play a string of dates across Sydney, become regulars on FBi Radio and recently film a little number for Balcony TV, amongst many other achievements. After weeks of hard work finding their sound during pre-production, decent amounts of wine and the occasional nudity, Analysis Paralysis was born.

The single epitomises breezy indie rock in all its glory, starting with clean riffs before diving into waves of soaring vocals. It’s easy going and widely accessible, appealing to a range of people with a sound that could warm you on even the coldest of winter days. Analysis Paralysis oozes happiness without any cheesiness and is technically well structured without being overworked.

Space Monk also have an incredible talent for writing melodies that seep into your mind and stay there for days on end. Eaten by Sharks follows the same structure as their latest single, drawing together elements of surf rock and almost annoyingly catchy (but still highly enjoyable) hooks. Between the band’s impressive repertoire of songs and high energy stage presence, their live shows are definitely not to be missed.

Space Monk are currently in the midst of their second month long residency taking over Manly’s Moonshine Bar every Friday night this month. Having already supported the likes of Hockey Dad and The Vanns, you can still catch them Friday 29 May with Whippet and a secret TBA headliner.

Their new single Dead is set to be released next month, with an EP on the horizon as well, so it’s safe to say this is one band to definitely watch in 2015.

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