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Splendour have issued a public service announcement outlining your rights regarding sniffer dogs

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Ahead of the forthcoming weekend of debauchery that is Splendour In The Grass 2015 , the good folk from Splendour headquaters have released a public service announcement detailing your rights if you are stopped by sniffer dogs or police on your way in to the Splendour grounds.

Sniffer dogs

*If you dress like these legends, you’ll probably be stopped by the cops regardless

The announcement notes that there definitely will be police and drug detection dogs at the entrances for the entire duration of the festival, and that if you do get caught, you have rights. They also suggest that you don’t take drugs in the first place – obviously.

If you’re heading to Splendour (or any festival soon), see below for the full announcement and stay safe kiddies:

Splendour Public Service Announcement: DRUGS AND YOUR RIGHTS

You may be searched on your way into Splendour this year, so don’t bring anything you shouldn’t.

If you are searched, you have rights – knowing them will empower you to navigate the process.

If you are stopped because a dog indicates you might have drugs, this gives Police “reasonable suspicion” and they are within their rights to search you.

Stay calm, follow directions and be nice – if you resist or use foul language you are exacerbating the situation (and looking guilty – see below).

If the Police find nothing, but wish to conduct a strip search they may only do so if (i) the circumstances are serious or urgent and (ii) they take you somewhere private. You may also request that the search be undertaken by a police officer of the same sex and they are not allowed to touch you.

If the strip search finds nothing, and the Police wish to conduct a cavity search they may only do so IF YOU CONSENT. If you decline to consent to the cavity search, they must get a warrant which means leaving site and going to Court.

If you are arrested (in all but the most serious cases) you are likely to receive a summons and be allowed to enter the festival (sans contraband). Once inside the gates you should proceed immediately to the free legal advice tent run by Randall Legal.
If you are arrested you should ask to speak to a solicitor immediately.

If you don’t know a solicitor you can contact Randall Legal who have an advice stall at the Festival and a Festival advice number 0434 410 410.


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July 23, 2015