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Squid The Kid looks back at cooler times on his sweltering new single ‘Wintertime’

Crooning from the south-east suburbs of Melbourne, university dropout Squid The Kid has been devoting the best part of the last few years to his music. The result is a delicious blend of RNB, hip-hop and groove-laden jams.

His latest single Wintertime is a warm summery track devoted to those that prefer the layers of winter fashion and cosy nights it. Drawing inspiration from such rappers as Tyler The Creator and Anderson Paak, a methodical and well-paced vocal style is typical and professional. And yet booming bass lines lean towards a reggae bounce that’s infectious and driving, while the echoes of aged horn samples play to the danceability of a bigger band.

On his new single Wintertime, Melbourne-based artist Squid The Kid delivers a dynamic slice of genre-fluid hip-hop brilliance.

Squid the Kid’s smooth hip-hop track Wintertime is laced with genre-blending intricacies that are both intriguing and satisfying to listen to.

Bright tambourines and wind chimes feel both consciously placed and fluidly improvised, showcasing the craftsmanship of this young musician. It’s as if Squid has taken all the best elements of opposing genres and melted them together in hip-hip harmony. Silky vocals by featured vocalist LEV bring the femininity and sensuality you weren’t sure you were missing and solidify the track as a seductive dedication to a season we tend not to romanticise.

It’s a track wheeling with experimentation and yet manages to stay loyal to the core brand.

Squid recounts the moment the creative seed was planted, “Daniel (friend and producer) rocked up to my house to show me this mad beat he had worked on, as soon as I finished listening to it, I went straight to my room and listened to Anderson Paak’s ‘Ventura’ album from start to finish”.

Following the track’s release, a quirky tongue-in-cheek video coincides and we’re reminded of the youthfulness of this exciting and emerging artist. Check out this video above and be sure to keep Squid The Kid on your radar.