Happy Mag’s Staff Picks: Sun Room, Royel Otis, blink-182 and more

Welcome back to Happy Mag’s Staff Picks, where every week we highlight our favourite new music releases.

Another week comes to pass and the weekend awaits, we’ve made it friends! Before we clock off and crack a cold one, we have got another week’s worth of amazing new music releases to share with you.

From the highly anticipated releases from blink-182, Royel Otis and Sun Room to the debut single ‘KNOCK’ by BON, we have got some real treats for you today; so without further ado, let’s get into that sweet sweet music.

sun room

Sun Room – At Least I Tried

Sun Room takes us through their week in the latest single At Least I Tried, from crashing their car to losing their keys, and being completely unfazed because, hey, at least they tried. The ridiculously fun SoCal surf-rock song details that universal feeling of just going along for the ride.

Royel Otis – Fried Rice

Kings of indie, Royel Otis, has released Fried Rice in anticipation for their upcoming album PRATTS & PAIN (Feb 4, 2024). The woozy, winding psych seems to swirl around your head in guitar riffs and casual vocals.

Jeremy Dutcher – Motewolonuwok

Jeremy Dutcher’s latest album is remarkably gentle, soft and comforting. His vocals, hauntingly beautiful, offer the same comfort as a big bed on a rainy day.

Olympic White – Ain’t That Living

Olympic White’s latest album is the perfect mix of unapologetic Aussie alt-rock and nostalgic surf-rock.

DJ Knetter Gek – Vuln

Debut album from DJ Knetter Gek takes you on a journey throughout his latest album, Vuln, filled with all things danceable, groovy and vibey.

JACOTÉNE – Don’t Let Him Say Goodbye

The third of a series of demo releases from JACOTÉNE is the insanely soulful single, Don’t Let Him Say Goodbye. The idea behind the demo releases was to take the pressure off and freedom to explore musically and it’s safe to say, she has found her calling in the intoxicating vocals of her latest release.

Holly Humberstone – Kissing In The Swimming Pool

Ahead of her upcoming debut album, Holly Humberstone has dropped the incredibly intimate love ballad, Kissing In The Swimming Pool, turning the simplest moments into lifelong memories.

Hannah Marks – Jessie’s Lullaby

Jessie’s Lullaby truly lives up to its name in this dreamy and tender song. What started as a song dedicated to a dog they were looking after, the lullaby turned into a foreshadowing of the changes to come in their life.

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Lars Night – Be Some God

The eclectic electronica single, Be Some God, truly makes you feel like one. Listening to the somewhat dreamy, somewhat vapourwave single makes strutting essential.

Andy Martin – Toothaches

Andy Martin dances on the line between indie-rock and Australiana-folk in his latest single Toothaches. The incredibly sweet and delightfully upbeat approach develops into a warm feeling in your chest as you listen.

Warwick Smith – Nailbiter

Inspired by their upbringing of Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy, Warwick is on a mission to revive emo culture in Australia, as seen in the delightfully electro-pop-punk release Nailbiter.


Debut single KNOCK is a hypnotic, experimental, electronic labour of love from up-and-comer BON. The song itself sounds like the first dive into the ocean after winter.

UCHE YARA – www she hot

‘No genre’ UCHE YARA promises. Within the first minute, we are taken on a journey of distorted samples, filthy guitar and bright vocals, proving that you don’t know which way the debut single will go.

blink-182 – DANCE WITH ME

You heard it here first, punk is back and here to stay. blink continues providing the goods with their latest release, the ridiculously fun DANCE WITH ME.

Barr-Nun – Be Like You (U.who?)

Barr-Nun is putting everything on the table with this raw and honest skate punk ballad about struggling with identity within a toxic relationship.