Steam Deck Australia: How to get your hands on the portable gaming device

Getting a Steam Deck in Australia is no easy task right now. That said, the new hand-held gaming device from Valve can be obtained if you are willing to be patient.

The Steam Deck is the new hand-held gaming device from industry giant Valve. The product was designed with the intention of giving gamers the ability to take their collection of Steam games on the road with them. Or to phrase it differently: the Steam Deck Australia was designed to give the Nintendo Switch a run for its money.

So far the Steam Deck has been a big hit with gamers wherever it has been released officially. This includes the USA, Canada, UK and Europe. Unfortunately, an official Steam Deck Australia store only exists in the dreams of Aussie gamers.

steam deck in australia
Image: Steam Deck / Valve

Currently, there isn’t even an online website that allows Australians to purchase a Steam Deck (without being a little sneaky). Although in fairness, the portable console is sold out worldwide at the time of writing and Valve are only taking reservations right now.

With that in mind, there is a workaround that should allow Australians to enter to que for the in-demand device. If you are a PC oriented gamer that hails from the land down under, with a solid collection of Steam games, this page will explain how to order a Steam Deck in Australia.

How to order a Steam Deck in Australia

The trick to getting what you want in this scenario is a little bit of dishonesty and a VPN. If you are located in Australia and go to the Steam Deck order website you will be promptly told ‘this item is not available for reservation in your country‘.

If, however, you activate a decent VPN and set it so that it appears you are in the USA, Canada, UK or Europe, you should be in the clear. From there on it’s about giving the right shipping address and you should be in the clear.

Where will it eventually be sold?

Outside of ordering the device from overseas there is no way to get a Steam Deck in Australia right now. However, in the past Valve have done business with Australian gaming retail chain EB Games and it is reasonable to assume they will work together again.

For more details on the Steam Deck check out the official website here. Be sure to check back in at a later date, as we will keep this page updated with the latest Steam Deck Australia news.