Stefan Rossi reflects on generational struggle in new single Long Road

Adelaide’s Stefan Rossi is back with a killer new single titled Long Road featuring Elsy Wameyo. The track is heartfelt and evocative, an exploration of the many different paths life takes us on.

With subtle musical nods to hip-hop artists such as Illy, Eminem and J. Cole, Rossi’s music is authentic, his powerful storytelling conveying a new message upon each lyric.

Adelaide rapper/storyteller Stefan Rossi explores generational struggle and self-reflection in his new single Long Road.

Seeking inspiration from the story of his Italian and German immigrant grandparents, Rossi explores generational struggle with a sense of empathy and gratitude whilst also reflecting on his own sense of self. Speaking about the song , he said:

“It’s based on those anxious feelings of who I am and how I’m finding myself as I go through emotions of grief, love, my mental health and not rushing through life’s moments to get to your end result”.

Long Road is a perfect balancing act of emotion and intensity. The clarity and delicacy of Elsy’s vocals alongside Stefan’s clever lyricism and consistent rhythmic rap passages form a powerful ensemble.

Working with 25-year old-producer from the Netherlands, Tantu, the pair have cultivated a track with heart, direction and agency for reflection. The backing beats are hard hitting and kinetic, propelling the vocals to another level and creating a full, all encompassing sound.

Although it’s only early days for Stefan Rossi, we can’t wait to hear whats next from one of Adelaide’s most exciting new acts.