Step inside the Rainbow Family, a utopian hippy community with no rules, clothes or hierarchy

In an article that first appeared on Vice Spain, a reporter stepped inside the anarchistic, peaceful world of the Rainbow Family and brought back a series of astounding photos.

Rainbow Gatherings are annual events held all over the world, bringing together thousands of hippies to meditate, pray, workshop and take psychedelics in an effort to preserve peace and love within their free living microcosm.

Rainbow Family
All photos thanks to Denis Vejas/Vice Spain

Without any rules, leaders or currency, the Rainbow Family have been running worldwide hippy gatherings every year since 1972.

After gaining admission to his first Rainbow Gathering in 2011 through a postcard with a hand-drawn map on it, Denis Vejas documented the Rainbow Family’s lifestyle for the next three years, travelling to Mexico, Guatemala, Russia and Mexico in the process.

He describes the experience as something like no other, and quite overwhelming at first:

“Naked and half-naked people ran up to me to hug me and tell me they loved me, a group of hippies sang Krishna songs, and others were dancing to the drums while someone passed me a joint.”

“At my first Rainbow Gathering and every one that followed, I met traditional hippies and nomads, alcoholic Russian priests, hardcore anarchists, hackers, self-proclaimed prophets, reincarnations of famous religious figures and artists of all kinds – all holding hands in a circle.”

See Vejas’ photo series below:


Via Vice.