Step into the Galactic Zoo that is BREIZERS’ debut album

If you’ve had anything to do with the Sydney music scene recently, you’ll have rubbed shoulders and caught the good vibrations of BREIZERS. The local trio of improvised jams and careful curation are the high school sweethearts of Newtown.

Their debut album Galactic Zoo is exactly that. Recorded in a church community centre, mixed and produced by James Moore, it’s a cosmic experience of all sorts, wild and vocal. A Noah’s Arc of sound. Just wrapping up their punchy tour along the east coast, these gig getters are becoming fast experienced.

Photo: Tomas O’Halloran

Galactic Zoo, the frantic debut full-length album from Sydney locals BREIZERS, is a tour-de-force of genuine psychedelia.

Opening track Galactic Zoo is a voiceless slice of mind-warping bliss. Thick with the fog and froth of genuine psychedelia, this one is still danceable. A tuned-in listener can hear the generous conversation between gliding guitars, relentless percussion and poignant bass. The three components audibly nodding to each other before each handover.

Lead single Darlin’ has a strong familiarity in melody and rhetoric ornamentation. Its quickening race to the finish line is thrilling as vocalist Mason Mackenzie Wood tests out the huskier, more forceful angles of his range. Never holding back lyrically, explicitly calling out the unsatisfied lover, cheeky and suggestive.

Bassist John Tyerman (the artist behind much of BREIZERS endearing and vibrant cover art) brings the funk they’re becoming renown for in Moth Song. It’s hard to deny the heavy influence of an early Red Hot Chilli Peppers groove. A real Flea slapping unpredictability is rousing and drives this animalistic track forward to a clashing cymbal-full crescendo.

Anti sees a shoe-gaze approach. A change in pace brings the album to its knees with an anthem of discord. “You and me, we’re not on the same team, the way you act makes me want to fucking scream.” Spitfire drums by the darling himself Lucas Cavanagh catapult the track into its summit. An acoustic version of Anti closes the eight-track LP on an optimistic tongue in cheek high.

If you didn’t already know the name, you’ll definitely see BREIZERS everywhere now. Self-described ‘coherent exuberance’, keep an eye out for upcoming music. And you’ll want to get around and buy a round for these boys at the Crowie on July 25th alongside Thunderfox and Eagle Eye Jones. More info on that show here.

Listen to Galactic Zoo above.