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Step into the sprawling sonic universe of Josh Gaffney’s new album Still

There’s something inexplicably hypnotic about the music of Newcastle-based artist Josh Gaffney. He crafts sprawling sonic universes within each of his songs; they’re simultaneously sparse and powerful, pulling you in and leaving you completely captivated.

Having spent the past number of years on a variety of musical projects, his latest offering Still sprung to life following the birth of his daughter, with the goal of getting her to sleep. The result is a body of work that plays out like some cinematic dream; and once you enter, you’ll never want to leave.

On his stunning new album Still, Newcastle-based artist Josh Gaffney presents a boundless collection of neo-classical gems.

Throughout the new album, Josh Gaffney glides through a hallucinatory blend of minimalist, ambient, and neo-classical sounds to deliver something uniquely his own. With epic string samples and synths, Gaffney has crafted an album that feels completely boundless.

The album’s opening track Ethereal carries a fitting title, setting the scene for what becomes a truly ethereal collection of songs. Although not a single track on the album exceeds the three-minute mark, Gaffney’s music feels immediately expansive.

By the time closing track Glow fades back out of existence, you’ll be left spell-bound by the stunning sounds of Josh Gaffney. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to hear what he delivers next.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to Still above.