eBay user attempts to sell 2012 Stereosonic condoms for $999

Two unused condoms from Stereosonic’s 2012 electronic dance festival are selling on eBay for a micro $999 each.

A young Australian from Melbourne, known only to us as the_fly_catcher is selling a pair of 2012 Stereosonic condoms that were apparently handed out during a Tiësto set.

This is no G up.

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Image: Fresh 92.7

The elusive user did his best to justify the purchase of these expired yet lubed up bad boys.

Unused.. (Unfortunately)“, the opening spiel details, the_fly_catcher goes on to posit the cum catchers as relics “from the era of the hottest dance music hitting the ears of party lovers and festival goers…“.

Stereosonic tiesto festival condom
Image: YouTube

He puts forth a pretty plausible case, particularly when mentioning that the condom’s heydays were shared with artists like Avicii, Calvin Harris, Major Lazer and Infected Mushroom.

The condom’s, which were once fierce protectors against the occurrence of any infected mushrooms, are now expired, eight years on from their glory days.

Stereosonic was one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the nation, attracting crowds of up to 200,000 people every year and boasting some of the biggest electronic artists in the world.

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Image: Stoney Roads

Friendlyjordies made a comedic recap of the festival back in 2014, which will provide you with some insight into the stereotypes and the seemingly problematic culture that flourished on the festival’s grounds:

However, it all ended in 2016, following the death of two festival attendee’s and the owner’s going bankrupt.

The eBay user cleverly tugs at the heartstrings of those who previously attended, lamenting on the “long gone days of Australia’s festival scene” and encouraging others to “…share the love and grab the opportunity to suprise a friend or frame these as a moment of the times!

And what a time it was, as this tweet from a festival goer in 2015 exhibits:

If the_fly_catcher‘s words charmed you into considering this purchase, head over to eBay or Facebook marketplace to invest in these iconic vintage condoms today!