Meet Gina Williams, the artist releasing 5 albums before the end of the year

Meet Gina Williams, the artist releasing 5 albums before the end of the year

Pushing boundaries and knowing no limits, Gina Williams sets out to use her voice for joy, releasing five albums this year.

Diving head first without fear, Gina Williams harnesses her energetic way of life to create music for the soul.

Setting out to release five albums by the end of the year, all in different genres, Williams intends to ignite hope to her listeners in a time of unrest and upheaval.

Gina Williams

Gina Williams is clearly not your average singer/songwriter. Simply oozing with energy and drive, it is no wonder her music emulates such a positive vibrancy. Whilst the classically trained composer and pianist was originally restricted to the soul/pop genre, Williams’ energy inevitability could not remain between the lines, with her compositions now seeping into EDM, Caribbean, and rock.

Williams most recently released album, The Trilogy Pt IIspeaks volumes to her multi-faceted talent: a classical 21-track album seeping with gorgeous piano melodies. This is completely contrasted to her track We Need To Love, a contemporary burst of vibrancy with hard-hitting vocals that shake the ground as Williams sings; “it’s like a hidden treasure in the desert, we need to love”. 


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Through each swing in genre and style, Williams keeps an underlying vein in her work of positivity and light. Her lyrics and aura seep through the sonic waves, making her joy infectiously magnetic. Tracks such as I Give Myself To You and Your Grace speak volumes of this notion – with nothing but her voice and piano, Williams’ proves an unmatchable passion and sincerity in her work.

Speaking about her ambitious new project, Williams shares:

“Because of the ongoing national and international unrest, it has been my mission to find positive ways to unite people. So I’m releasing five albums of five different genres this year: EDM, Classical, Rock, Caribbean/pop, and Gospel – each representing a different aspect of who we are through the music we listen to – and to encourage each other to discover new sounds.”

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