LIVSKA bursts in a dreamy wave of synths on her new single ‘Stranger’

Wrapped in the vines of a transcendent debut, LIVSKA has released her second single Stranger, a glorious hymn about meeting a real game-changer.

Following the release of her debut singlePatience, LIVSKA stretches her calibre to the height of the clouds with her new release Stranger. 

The track is a dreamy, synth-saturated tune, painting a luscious soundscape against LIVSKA’s honeyed vocals and intricately layered rhythms.


Stranger seeps with the all-consuming feeling of meeting someone new, entrapped with the rosy glow of lust and excitement. Thumping calmly throughs the veins of an electric guitar and ethereal pads, LIVSKA has created a tune that will linger long after it ends.

“Stranger was inspired after watching the love story develop in Netflix’s Stranger Things. I really wanted to combine my love of 80’s pop music with my dreamy sound”, LIVSKA explains.


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Much like Patience, Stranger also emulates a lustful, golden feeling, each beat trickling calmly down the spine as LIVSKA sings; “take my hand, come with me, close your eyes, touch my skin, bring your lips close to me”. 

The track exhumes the innocent glow of the youthful romance of Stranger Things (excluding the upside-down world), all set against an ’80s pastel synth cloud.

LIVSKA continues to grow with each song, making the imagination run wild about what is to come for the Melbourne singer/songwriter. The artist is set to perform a single-release show at The Workers Club, Fitzroy on Saturday 10 July.

For those who are not lucky enough to be in Melbourne, have a listen to LIVSKA’s Stranger below: