Jim Hopper returns in the new Stranger Things Season 4 teaser

For all of you manic Stranger Things fans ready for season 4, another teaser trailer just dropped and it’s heavy. For one thing, Jim is alive.

A slow tracking aerial shot opens with a gloomy wintery landscape accompanied by a chilling Russian military-style choir, setting the scene for tough conditions ahead. Not to mention soldiers wearing thick mink-like cloaks and ushankas. It’s not very hopeful.

stranger things season 4 trailer jim hopper

Stranger Things is again, ultimately, strange. Who knows what monsters will cross paths with the iconic kids from Hawkins this time?

Stranger Things fans have waited months and months for answers as to Jim’s fate, and finally here we are. We now know Jim’s attempt to save his family and town from the Upside Down wasn’t completely hopeless. Actually, it was quite the opposite.

With all your favourite characters returning, it’s likely that this might be the last chance for the team to solve the supernatural dilemma they consistently find themselves in, as series creators Matt and Ross Duffer are still sticking to their four-maybe-five season conclusion for the series.

It’s an interesting choice for studios to offer a massive teaser like this without a release date and, more importantly, by spoiling one of their biggest plot points in the story. But the fans are dedicated, loyal, and impatient. Now their new viewing journey comes with a caveat; sure Jim is alive, but for how much longer?