LIVSKA’s debut single ‘Patience’ electrically sparks every nerve in the body

Melbourne artist, LIVSKA launches her dreamy debut single Patience, drenched in nostalgic synths and igniting the senses.

I have never been a patient person, the idea of waiting in a world where everything is instantaneous is, well… frustrating.

Melbourne artist LIVSKA spins Patience on it’s head, building a landscape around the beauty of waiting and the explosive colours that burst from delayed gratification.


The debut track feels intensely fresh, drenched with intricate and electric rhythms. LIVSKA pulls listeners into a vulnerable and intimate landscape of rawness – each lyric pressing on the skin like a spiked charge of lightning.

The artist, Liv is the embodiment of a calming sensation with vocals that melt the senses. Patience feels like a nostalgically familial dance, taking place in a red-hued underground nightclub, sweaty bodies moving in slow motion, and a bass that shakes the concrete you stand on.

Moving from her role as frontwoman for Indie duo Seattle Fix, Liv carries through her intimate and genuine power into her solo project – dwelling on Patience in the core of Melbourne’s lockdown. With melodies that trickles down the spine, Patience was definitely a track worth waiting for.


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LIVSKA takes the ticks of time and ruptures it, erasing worry and instantaneity from the most impatient of minds. You simply lose all sense of seconds and minutes as LIVSKA whispers “come a little closer to me, don’t forget the lights” …. darkness utterly saturating the body.

LIVSKA’s style is absolutely sexy. The nostalgically dreamy synth, blended with raindrop-like electronic beats is not only grabbing but all-consuming. The artist has not only put her work on the map for her honey-like harmonies and nostalgic rhythm, but for the entrenched feeling the track thralls you in, bringing it’s listeners to life.


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I will be waiting patiently with anticipation for LIVSKA’s next track if it is anything like this.

Feel Patience below: