PREMIERE: Bambi O’Hara’s music video is a hyper-surreal 50’s romance

In a colour bursting track, Bambi O’Hara releases her lustfully longing single 10:45, accompanied with an obsessively cinematic music video.

The Tasmanian visionary, Bambi O’Hara takes the notion of “artist” to an imaginative, limitless level.

Her new single 10:45 is drenched in stain glass tones, bringing to life the heart-wrenchingly stunning and surreal video accompanied with it.

Bambi O'Hara

The track is dripping in lustful longing and electric rhythms that flickering like a golden kaleidoscope, and pull you deeper into the construed romantic tragedy. 10:45 ticks the inner-most desires, with O’Hara staring deep into the most buried heartaches and cracking them open – bursting with passion and desire. The artist’s sweet vocals whisper in the ear, goosebumps prickling down the neck as she runs into the shadows in a retro-themed horror-scape.

The whole track feels like a tragically romantic 50’s film, captured inside a ruptured mind as the lyrics echo; “lean into the white noise/making every wrong choice/heart strings all out of tune”. Director Sam Brumby, ignites and saturates you with the instinctive feeling to run, the same feeling triggered when watching Vance Joy’s Riptide – taken away to the dark side.


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The artist dives into her obsession for heart-wrenching and disillusioned love, pulling us deeply into the neon-rose ocean she angelically swims in; “hallucinate your touch/get ready for the rush”. Her electrifyingly jarred harmonies blend with the dreamy soundscape built by a sea of violins, synths and dynamic drums.

“I’m infatuated with with tragic romance and nostalgia… I love blending cinematic atmospheres and trap beat production, with layers of sultry, poignant vocals” O’Hara describes.


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Every aspect of 10:45 is utterly infatuating and all-consuming, one simply cannot look away from the masterpiece O’Hara has brought to life. With each lyric etched from a real-life experience, it is not hard to feel every drop of desire in O’Hara’s lyrics; “retina’s on fire/take my spirit higher/all or nothing with you”, and become engulfed by her sea of emotion.

Slip into Bambi O’Hara’s visual and sonic kaleidoscope below: