Hold my hand, ‘Resident Evil Village’ looks to be getting a new demo tomorrow

Resident Evil Village has the whole world wrapped around its giant, alluring finger – and all evidence points to a new demo on April 16.

Resident Evil Village is a train that just won’t slow down. Capcom has announced an upcoming showcase for the game on April 16 (or 15 depending on your time zone), just under a month away from the official release date.

With half the internet seemingly suffering from Lady Dimitrescu fever, the timing is perfect to reignite interest.

resident evil village

Even more exciting than the showcase are the rumours flying around that we will be getting a brand new Resident Evil Village demo. It’s been about three months since the Resident Evil Village: Maiden demo stalked its way onto PlayStation 5, with many keen to see just a little bit more of the game before committing to a purchase.

It should be noted that Maiden was released immediately after the last Resident Evil Village showcase, lending credence to the argument that we can expect the same thing to happen for the second demo.

The official Resident Evil Twitter account is doing little to dampen expectations:


What initially kickstarted this rumour, other than Capcom’s past release behaviour, is a report that claims a 10GB file entitled ‘Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo’ was uploaded onto the PlayStation Network. While this demo obviously isn’t live yet, it can be seen on the digital storefront’s backend.

As a size comparison, the Maiden demo was just under 4GB, which leads us to believe that this next instalment will offer a more in-depth slice of the full game. Maiden didn’t demonstrate any combat, and the hope is that this new demo will let players test out some of these gameplay mechanics.

Because let’s be real, while Resident Evil 7 was undoubtedly terrifying, the gameplay itself was somewhat rudimentary, too often feeling like a scary walking simulator.

The next demo is expected to be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S. Or rather, all the platforms Resident Evil Village will be coming to.

If you missed out on the Maiden demo due to a PS5 deficiency, make sure to check out our nerve-wracking playthrough here. While it’s expected to eventually make its way to other platforms, there is no official date yet.

To tune in to the official showcase stream click through here at 8:00 am AEST.