Simping at all-time high as ‘Resident Evil’ releases life-sized cutouts of Lady Dimitrescu

Fans of the Resident Evil series are struggling to contain their excitement after spotting life-sized cutouts of Lady Dimitrescu.

Fans of the Resident Evil series have taken a particular liking to the game’s antagonist, Lady Dimitrescu. After her first appearance in the trailer for Resident Evil Village, fans were quick to express their affections towards the 9’6″ baddie.

The video’s comment section quickly turned into a simp-filled wasteland of young men making jokes about how the game will be so much harder playing with one hand, or innuendos about how they’ll ‘finish’ the game in ten seconds. Sigh.

Lady Dimistrecu resident evil village cutout
Photos: RobMcDUK via Twitter

Well, Capcom obviously caught wind of the horny frenzy happening in their comment sections and started producing life-size cutouts of the NBA player-sized Dimitrescu. They then sent these cutouts to participating Resident Evil retailers as a means to promote the game.

As expected, some fans went mental with the prospect of being able to stand next to her  flimsy cardboard body.

Other fans went as far as to tweet Capcom, asking them where they could acquire one of these cardboard cutouts. I’m sure it would only be used for decorative purposes.

As expected, the meme production has exploded three-fold and we expect this volume to only rise until the game’s release on the 7th of May 2021.

Resident Evil: Village is Capcom’s upcoming survival horror game and the eighth instalments of the series, set two years after the events of Resident Evil: BioHazard. The game follows the same protagonist Ethan Winters as he attempts to settle into a new life with his wife and child. Of course, his plans go awry after Captain Chris Redfield kidnaps his daughter in true Taken style.

If you have the hots for Lady Dimitrescu or, you know, just think the game sounds fun, you can find out more about the upcoming title here.