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Teenage Engineering has launched the Pocket Operator Capcom® series

The Pocket Operator series from Teenage Engineering just gets better and better. Meet the Capcom series, full of tones from Street Fighter and Mega Man.

Since arriving on the scene a few years ago, the Pocket Operator line of synths and samplers from Teenage Engineering has made quite the splash, despite their diminutive proportions. With the new Capcom series, the glorious sounds of Street Fighter and Mega Man have joined the lineup.

Historically, the Pocket Operator series has celebrated the decidedly left-of-centre: the Capcom series is no different. If you’re into retro-tinged video game tones of the ’80s and ’90s, this will definitely be your jam.

Pocket Operator megaman capcom

The PO-133 — the Street Fighter version — features a built-in mic for sampling, 8 drums and melodic slots, a 40-second memory and step multiplier. Just imagine the all-action soundtrack from the Street Fighter arcade machines, complete with punching sound effects and catch-phrases, and you’ll get an idea of the sounds it can pull off.

The PO 128 — or Mega Man version — features 15 individual drum sounds and is a sequencing powerhouse. Tonally, think further back than Street Fighter. It’s pure ’80s and chock-full of lush 8-bit synthy goodness!

Those familiar with the Pocket Operator series will know that chiefest among its many virtues is its hands-on playability, especially for punching in real-time effects. So while the Capcom series leans on old-school inspiration, there are plenty of performance options to explore in your next synth jam.

For all the details and demos, head over to the Teenage Engineering website.