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Check out 6 DAWs that make podcasting a piece of cake

Endeavouring to be the next podcast master? Have a crack at these software programs that are dedicated to making podcasting a piece of cake.

Podcasting is a tremendously popular medium, with creators from all over the world throwing their hats in the ring. From true-crime investigations to your latest pop-culture buzz, there are podcasts out there to meet everyone’s needs.

But let’s say you’re done with just being on the receiving end and ready to take your podcasting dreams to the next stage. Well if that’s you, take a look at these six different DAWs dedicated to creating and editing high-quality podcasts.

Best all-rounder: Auphonic

First up on our list we have Auphonic, a software deemed one of the best all-rounders, fit for all beginners and pros alike. With its affordable pricing structure, user-friendly interface and AI-based audio algorithms crafting quality sound, Auphonic is the perfect place to begin your podcasting journey.

As an automatic post-production web service, this software focuses on professional quality within an affordable and intuitive frame. It utilises leveller intelligence for sound adjustment, audio restoration, ridding your files of unwanted noise in order to enhance speech recognition.

Auphonic comes with a variety of packages at different price points, ensuring access and usability for all, no matter your budget. However, with the XL software package coming in at just under $100 per month, embedded with features saving you crucial editing time, it would be rude not to go the full monty.

For more info, check out Auphonic.

The best freebie: Audacity

No podcast software list would be complete without including the number one best free DAW with a huge cult following. Of course, we are talking about Audacity. It is by far one of the most popular free recording and editing software programs, perfect for interviews or your own solo talk show.

Compatible with all operating systems, Audacity has been around for a hot minute and although its interface is much less spunky than some other numbers on this list, the aesthetic by no means undermines the value of this program.

Working as an open-source DAW, users can create audio recordings whilst using the inbuilt microphone and mixer. Audacity is also equipped with all the basic editing effects you need to create a crisp sounding podcast.

Check it out here.

Your reliable best friend: Adobe Audition

Now, if you have a bit more experience with podcast editing and the idea of complete flexibility over your sound files is more up your alley, Audition is a great choice. With multiple advanced features, enabling you to separate, label and group together different tracks, level restoration and precise editing tools, this DAW is no one-hit-wonder.

Although a slightly more complex program on the pricier side of this list, the plethora of online tutorials and classes will help you get up to speed with the finer points of editing.

Audition is an intuitive and powerful DAW that will give you comprehensive control over your next audio feature.

Learn more at Adobe.

Novice podcasters unite: Alitu

For a software dedicated solely to podcast production and circulation, Alitu could be the one-stop shop for those just starting out. Powered with an automatic audio-clean up and the capabilities of recording all interviews and sound bites from inside the program, Alitu will guide you through the editing process from start to finish.

With Alitu, you can record in-app or upload any audio file and have it converted automatically to the same file type as all your other audio segments. In fact, the main drawcard of Alitu is its completely automated editing functions, aiding in the audio clean up.

Embedded with powerful tools to help you clean up those pesky stutters, awkward silences and render down any unwanted background hums, this DAW was made for podcasters by podcasters.

Check out the software here.

Most comprehensive: Hindenburg Journalist

The Hindenburg Journalist is the multi-track audio software for podcasters, audio producers and radio journalists. Now, although it might look like any other mundane audio editor, its dedication to spoken word productions tailors its focus to story-telling above anything else.

The software enables podcasters to have total control over their audio recordings and interviews by supporting all types of files and extracting the best sound from each one. Its simple and user-friendly clipboard helps to visualise your tracks, along with its comprehensive suite of features helping to record, organise and edit your podcast.

Ultimately, if your budget is slightly bigger, you should take this DAW for a test drive. Plus, if you need more freedom, Hindenburg’s ‘In the Field’ app will help to record and edit your audio anywhere at any time.

Learn more at Hindenburg systems.


New kid on the block: RØDE Connect

Finally, the latest addition to premium podcast DAWs is RØDE’s newest offering, RØDE Connect.

Deemed as a simple yet powerful solution to podcasting and streaming, the RØDE Connect offers a highly intuitive, fully-featured recording interface that enables the user to connect up to four NT-USB minis to a single computer. Along with seamless integration between video calls to streaming apps, this software underpins one of the easier ways to record a podcast with impeccable audio.

Free to download for both Mac and PC, RØDE Connect accesses powerful digital signal processing which includes a noise gate, compressor and an aural exciter for well-rounded, characterful tone.

Find out more here.