Barney the piano playing cat drops another awesome collab

Introducing Barney, the cutie-pie ginger cat shredding pretty damn good solos on piano with the composure of a seasoned rockstar.

Barney, TIK TOK’s most famous cat music prodigy, has again released a video showing off his other-worldly talent. Seen pawing at his keyboard, Barney puts together a solo in an absolutely fur-midable (sorry, we just had to) performance.

Its become one of the more wholesome videos circulating the internet as of late and it is clear that this ginger is quickly becoming a viral sensation.

In this video, he is complimented on the bass guitar by Jeffin Rodegheri, who decided to play along with Barney’s theme, adding some tasteful, Jaco Pastorius-style harmonics.  He wrote, “Tonight I saw a video of Barney playing his piano alone, and decided to accompany him on his theme.”

At first one may think there’s absolutely no way this tubby cat has more musical prowess than most of us in this world. But there’s no editing trickery going on — just super tasty melodic phrases, while his tail hypnotically sways in the background.

Thus far, Barney has amassed over 19,000 followers on his musically renowned Tik Tok Page, with numerous other musicians taking inspiration from his magically improvised efforts.

He is no one-hit-wonder, with many other videos of him ‘strapped to the beast’ available on social media for your entertainment.

See Barney in all his glory here.