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CASIO has unveiled three new Casiotone models

For many, classroom experiments on the Casiotone were the beginning of a lifelong musical journey. Now, it’s back in the form of three new models.

Casiotone keyboards are as old as time itself, as long as your starting around the early 1980s. Infamous for their massively long list of tinny sound samples and comical drum backings, they are referred to by CASIO themselves as “the first electronic keyboard with full-size keys that anyone could afford”.

Despite its ‘interesting’ range of sounds, the Casiotone range was and still is extremely popular, due to its attractive price tag, and in more recent years, improvement in sample quality. Now, continuing their 41-year legacy, are 3 brand new Casiotone models that promise of upholding their goal of “bringing the joy of playing music to everyone”.

Casiotone CT-1 in Black
Photo: Casio

The new Casiotone models, the CT-S1, the CT-S400 and the LK-S450, all feature both wired and wireless connectivity options. Users can connect to their new Casiotone via a class-compliant micro-USB port, as well as a USB host port for the separately sold WU-BT10 Bluetooth adapter. Either way, users can connect to Chordana Play, CASIO’s dedicated companion app, allowing users to see the sheet music for built-in MIDI tracks and change the tracks tempo and key.

All of the new models are full-sized with 61 keys, and feature multifunction buttons and even strap locks for those looking to rock it like a keytar. Despite all this, they only way just over four kilograms.

The CT-S1 is the cheapest and most basic of the new models. However, it would be wrong to say that this thing doesn’t pack a punch. Like the rest of the new range, it features 61 touch-response keys and 61 Aix-powered tones.

The CT-S400 is a step up from the previously discussed CT-S1, with the same size, weight and touch response, but featuring 200 Aix-powered tones and a pitch bend wheel. CASIO’s LK-S450 is near identical to the CT-S400, with the only difference is a lack of pitch bend wheel, but featuring light-up keys instead.

The new Casiotone range will be released for sale on April 14th. Go to the CASIO website to dive into the back catalogue.