AstroLab by Arturia: Ending the Loop of Innovation

This is a tool that doesn’t just play sounds but inspires and transforms the way we perform and create music

As one of the lucky first users of the new AstroLab, we can confidently say it isn’t just any keyboard; it’s a leap forward, ending the loop of Arturia’s comprehensive suite with style and innovation.

Arturia, founded in Grenoble, France, quickly rose from a boutique software company to a powerhouse in the music technology industry.

Known for their authentic and powerful recreations of famous synthesisers, drum machines, and keyboards.

The AstroLab is their latest release, blending the best of both worlds, vintage and modern. It’s a 61-key stage keyboard, that’s not just sleek in design but packs an intuitive control interface and an innovative ecosystem that promises to unlock a universe of sounds with a mere touch.

The game-changer? Its seamless DAW integration through Analog Lab. This means the sounds you create in the studio are now effortlessly your live gig companions.

For performers, AstroLab doesn’t just suggest creativity; it insists on it. With a library of over 1,300 sounds, from crystal-clear pianos to gritty vintage keys and everything in between, plus the option to import your sounds, it’s a playground for musical exploration.

But it’s not just about the sounds. The AstroLab’s design is a mix of durability and elegance, featuring aluminium and bakelite for a tour-ready build that promises stability, minimal latency, and a clutter-free setup.

Its heart beats with Arturia’s celebrated analog synth modelling, offering a tactile and immediate path to sounds that have riddled productions for years.

The integration of effects, alongside chord, scale, and arpeggiator modes, further enhances its performance capabilities.

And let’s not forget the vocoder engine for those who like to experiment with their voice. It’s clear Arturia designed the AstroLab with the performer’s creativity and ease of use in mind.

For those of us who’ve followed Arturia’s journey from the V Collection to now, the AstroLab feels like a natural evolution from Arturia’s legacy of products. This is a tool that doesn’t just play sounds but inspires and transforms the way we perform and create music.

Check it out now on Arturia’s website!