Interview: Finding beauty & creativity in a nomadic life with SelfDivision

From the cozy corners of her nomadic lifestyle SelfDivision invites us into her universe to delve into her process and the creative benefits of being on the move

Introducing SelfDivision: Meet the talented Jessica Fitzgibbon, better known as SelfDivision, a vibrant artist hailing from Sydney.

With her latest single ‘Our Love’, she’s injecting a fresh, darker vibe into her music, offering a sneak peek into her upcoming album. SelfDivision is not just an artist; she’s a storyteller, blending electronica and trip-hop to craft mesmerising sonic landscapes that draw you in.



Join us as we take a walk through Jessica’s creative world, explore her influences, and her unique approach to music-making.

Happy: What are you up to today?

SelfDivision: Gently getting back into some work after a break over Easter. I forced myself to stop after a busy few weeks with a gig and my single release and I’m finding it hard to start again!

It’s raining today so I have a candle burning, some red tea and a sleepy Boxer called Genki curled up next to me on the sofa. I caught up with a friend down at the beach for a coffee this morning after a coastal walk with the dog.

I considered doing some vocal takes for two songs I have in production, but I just don’t have the physical or emotional energy to go there today…

Happy: Tell us a little about where you live, what do you love about it?

SelfDivision: I’m a bit of a gypsy woman at the moment. I’ve been renting my apartment out in Alexandria, Sydney for the last 1.5 years and house & pet sitting.

It takes the pressure off paying my mortgage so I have more time for music. I’ve been in Freshwater over Easter and I have 2 months booked on the Central Coast coming up.

I usually fall in love with where I’m staying in and it’s great for my creativity to be moving around and experiencing different environments. 

Happy: Fresh off the ‘ENIGMA’ EP, what sparked the shift towards the darker energy of “Our Love”? Was it a conscious decision or did the song itself take you down that twisted, danceable path?

SelfDivision: I don’t think I make many conscious decisions in the writing stage to be honest, I just go where the music wants to take me.

Our Love came out very quickly and effortlessly, and the finished track is pretty much the same as the initial draft, but with a good mix.

The best songs I write usually come into shape very quickly. I love a dark, alternative sound on top of a strong and danceable beat. It brings a specific energy that I like to work with, especially when it comes time to perform.

Happy:  You weave Radiohead and PJ Harvey into your influences. How do these rock giants manifest in your electronic soundscapes? 

SelfDivision:Over 15 years ago when I did my Bachelor of Music, I was performing a lot with bands and was obsessed with covering Radiohead and PJ Harvey, as well as Bjork, Portishead, LAMB and Tori Amos.

All of these artists have a very unique and strong vocal, haunting and beautiful, yet also gritty. They understand the importance of creating ugly in the beautiful.

They play in the darker spaces, but there’s an energy to their music that I find uplifting and fun to perform. I bring this same sense to my music, mixing darker themes and sounds over something that has drive and movement. 

Happy:  Do you find yourself pulling more from their lyrical darkness or sonic experimentation?

SelfDivision: Radiohead’s music sweeps me away so intensely, I don’t have much attention left for the lyrics, which are also more abstract and blended in.

It’s their complex rhythm sections, electronic landscapes and the gorgeous piano & guitar driven rifs that I’m most drawn to and that I try to weave into my own music.

I’ve always been drawn lyrically to PJ Harvey’s music and the way she adapts her singing and performance style to tell the story of the song. I also like to play with character and lean into the more uncomfortable sounds and stories. 

Happy:  “I’ll throw it all away” – a powerful refrain. What’s the story behind the emotional intensity of “Our Love”? Is it a personal exploration of reckless abandon, or a relatable narrative of heartbreak? 

SelfDivision: Our Love was a chance to explore a dynamic I was in at the time with a wonderful man who “ticked all the boxes”, yet a desire to move things forward wasn’t there for me.

The first verse explains this pretty well; “All I wanted, it came true, without a question it was you. Then why do I second guess it all, why do I always ask for more?” 

I knew I was about to burn what we’d been building to the ground and that the possibility of love and a future together would slip away.

To throw it away seemed reckless and self-sabotaging, but when you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it… There’s a frustration towards myself expressed in the song; that maybe there’s an unhealed part of me that gets in the way of love. A part that seeks chaos instead of order.

Happy: How does your musical background inform your production style? Do you find yourself composing melodies first or building sonic textures to house your vocals?

SelfDivision: Both. Some songs start on piano where I’m focused on a vocal melody first and build the sound around this later.

Others, I build a beat and bassline into Ableton and then sing multiple takes over this to create a melody. The thing about classical training, is that you learn all of the skills to be able to forget them.

I don’t think technically at all when I write or sing, but the many years of learning and practise is definitely embedded deep in my system.

Happy:  “Our Love” – both haunting and sensual. How do you strike that delicate balance between darkness and allure? Is it the lyrical content, vocal delivery, or the intricate interplay of synths?

SelfDivision: I think my music taps into a powerful, feminine energy within me. Femininity is so multi-faceted and complex.

It can be soft, receptive and playful, as well as diving into the depths of emotion, meeting shadow and pain.

I’m completely unafraid to share it all in my music, using it as a channel to express this internal weather and somewhat amplifying it.

I think listeners can feel my connection to my wild, inner world through the music, which in turn connects them to that same part within themselves. 


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Happy:  London Grammar comparisons – a badge of honour for any electronica artist. What other artists do you find yourself resonating with in the current scene? Are there any under-the-radar acts pushing boundaries that inspire you?

SelfDivision: Thank you! I always love hearing how people place my music. I love London Grammar’s cover of Nightcall by Kavinsky; the original is one of my favourite tracks. 

I’m currently listening to a lot of Gidge, Four Tet and The Smile and more locally; Skeleten, Acopia. 1tbsp, Ninajirachi, Jack Ladder, Holiday Sidewinder and Jordan Rakei. 

In terms of local, emerging acts, I have to give a shout out to some of my talented friends, including Heartholder, who just released an amazing electro/jazz debut single, electronic-pop princess Nikkita and Myxi Bun, for her powerfully provocative stage show and sound.

My friend Russo just released a bluesy Tarantino- esque single and I recently did a gig with breakbeat, groove master SpaceCop2 and producer Adam Ahh, who is creating some very special ambient/electronic music. Check them all out!

Happy:  With a successful debut EP and a strong single like “Our Love,” what’s the vision for the upcoming album?Is it a continuation of “ENIGMA’s” themes or a further exploration of this darker sonic territory?

SelfDivision: So far there are dark dance tracks, some 80’s/90s throwback vibes and some moody ballads.

Thematically, it’s wading through the dense territory of the heart. It’s very personal, but also speaks universally to the feminine experience. 

Happy: With an alreday impressive career trajectory, how do you envision your sound evolving in the years to come?

SelfDivision: Currently I’m writing, producing and performing solo, with co-production on some of the tracks from Sydney DnB veteran and producer Royalston.

In the future, I’d love to collaborate with instrumentalists and include other producers, so this will no doubt influence the sound as others weave their magic into the work. I find working with others very exciting, so can’t wait for this to evolve further!

Happy:  Will you continue to experiment within the electronica realm or are there genre-bending surprises in store?

SelfDivision: I have alternative rock roots and love the meeting point of electronica and rock; the new album is definitely bringing some of that flavour through.

My taste in music is forever expanding so who knows where the sound will end up; as long as it’s evolving I am happy.

I don’t box myself in with genre labels, so whatever comes through and feels alive to me- I’ll go with it!

Happy: Lastly what makes you happy?

SelfDivision: A slow day feat. the simple things: meditation, writing, the beach, singing at the piano, reading, a meal with friends, tea, a candlelit bath and bed.