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Rhodes: V-RACK – The complete Rhodes effects collection, full of analogue soul

Fully explore the classic sound of the Rhodes MK8 Analogue Preamp and FX circuit with their latest V-RACK software tool of effects emulations.

Rhodes, the makers of the beloved electric piano, have recently released their V-RACK plugin. Developing their exclusive V Series of digital software, this emulation of the Rhodes MK8 Analogue Preamp and FX circuit brings sonic character and flavour to keys in your DAW, studio or live venue.

With extensive access to the analogue effects section in the legendary MK8 model, V-RACK provides 7 effects modules, 100 channel presets and individual module presets to add extra soul and tone.


The Rhodes, first invented and manufactured by Harold Rhodes in 1946, is an iconic electro-mechanical tine piano which shaped the history of music. Originally created as a portable xylophone-like lap piano, the electric keyboard instrument is known for Soul, RnB, Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Electronic and Jazz music to name a few.

Similar to a conventional piano, the Rhodes generates sounds with keys and hammers which strike thin metal wires called tines to vibrate an electromagnetic pickup and send signal to an external amplifier and speaker. With constant popularity, manufacturing and reissues, the main appeal emerged from the revolutionary amplification of the piano to match the volume of any instrument.


The distinct bell-like sound, aesthetic and customisation of tuning, dynamics and tone, was embraced by renowned artists including Ray Manzarek, Herbie Hancock, Duke Ellington, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and Nils Frahm. In 2021, the latest Rhodes MK8 was released to authentically honour the original electro mechanical piano.

Now back to V-RACK, Rhodes has made the iconic, innovative onboard effects and preamp of the MK8 now available in a software rack, channel strip form. With digital flexibility for both mono and stereo sound sources, this plugin offers complete sonic customisation and experimentation using the Rhodes technology.


The effects suite offers 3 modes of drive with saturation and overdrive, parametric EQ and filtering, stereo Vari-Pan, VCA compression with sidechain, VCA 4-stage phaser, and Bucket Brigade chorus and delay processing.

To test the plugin to its full Rhodes potential, we used the V-RACK with their software keyboard instrument, the V8 PRO. The plugin interface is easily laid out and visually matches the vintage aesthetic of the V8 PRO with three-dimensional control knobs and faders in a dark casing.

To elevate production, composition, mixing and performance, you can fully explore the specialty character and effects of Rhodes with 100 channel presets to choose from.


Recreating the unique effects from the flagship MK8 piano, the controls of each module with individual parameters provide diverse options to add warmth and character to any sound source, plus mix bus processing.

Based on the analogue gear of the custom MK8 onboard effects and preamp, this software enhances the accompanying Rhodes software series in an accessible plugin design.

We found the individual modules with additional presets and extended parameters especially useful and further adaptable to customise the Rhodes sound.

Particularly used alongside the Rhodes V8 PRO plugin, V-RACK is a valuable mixing channel strip and effects module rack with the essential tools to shape tone and character.


Enjoyable and easy to use, Rhodes V-RACK emphasises the continued relevance and exploration of the brand in contemporary music to add inspiring Rhodes soul and flavour to any sound. If you’re interested in exploring analogue-modelled effects with software emulations to achieve a timeless tone from revolutionary music technology, V-RACK is one to check out!

The Rhodes V- V-RACK Plugin is now available for MacOS and Windows software at $124.95 USD.

To learn more, head over to the Rhodes website!