PREMIERE: Tia Gostelow tugs on the heartstrings with an acoustic version of ‘Wonder’

On Friday Tia Gostelow will release an acoustic version of Wonder, cherry-picked from her 2020 album CHRYSALIS. Until then, listen to the single here.

Tia Gostelow’s 2020 album CHRYSALIS was a collection of beautifully composed pop songs touching on coming-of-age moments and being away from loved ones, something so many of us could relate to this past year.

On Friday Gostelow will release an acoustic version of her touching album track Wonder, a song that explores the struggles of a long-distance relationship, and all the small things that make moments with our loved ones so cherished. If you want to listen to it a few days early, check out the track below.

Photo: ‘Wonder (Acoustic)’ cover art

The acoustic rendition of the upbeat track really showcases Gostelow’s vocals and the emotional significance of the song, something that you could understandably miss due to the gorgeous synth landscapes and production on the original.

Speaking on Wonder, Gostelow says “I’ve been playing Wonder acoustically probably more times than I have with my band over the past couple of months due to COVID and I thought it would be really nice to put out this version.”

“Wonder was written during a time where I was really struggling being in a long-distance relationship and being away from my partner. I was really missing those things and I went into the studio with Japanese Wallpaper and I put all my feelings out on the table.”


The Queensland born and bred artist burst onto the scene in 2018 with her debut album Thick Skin, which she would later follow up with CHRYSALIS. Articulately produced by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy), it shoots you off into another world laced with beautifully crafted synth lines, searing vocals, and drums that are just too hard to not tap along too.

“It touches on really personal moments of my life over the last two years. I wrote these songs when I was living by myself in Brisbane and when I was in probably the loneliest and most anxious state I’ve been in,” Gostelow stated on CHRYSALIS. 

Tia Gostelow not only navigated the feelings of longing so many experienced in 2020 on CHRYSALIS, but emphasised it once more with her beautifully reworked acoustic version of Wonder, which you can find above.


CHRYSALIS is out now. Buy the record on CD or vinyl here.