Feverdreams release hauntingly moving rock tune ‘Don’t You Feel’

Indie Melbourne trio, Feverdreams, spill their latest riff, Don’t You Feel, saturated in the emotion of relationships that inevitably end.

In a track that triggers every nostalgic emotion in the body, Feverdreams‘ new single Don’t You Feel is immersive and confronting with every beat.

The rock trio deep dive into a pool of reminiscence, swirling with tightly woven harmonies, an electric guitar riff and accompanying visuals.


Feverdreams is made up of bassist and vocalist, Adam Gardner, drummer Liam Whittaker and guitarist/vocalist, Matt Portelli. Together the trio are a tightly knit bunch, playing gigs around Melbourne for the past four years.

Don’t You Feel is a sonic accumulation of the vibrancy and life experiences the group has shared.

“As bandmates and friends, we have grown a lot together over the last four years, experiencing and overcoming tremendous loss… our music is about reflection: of life, of ourselves and those around us” Whittaker explains.

The accompanying music video is equally as vibrant, capturing the grasping of a relationship or happy memory that echoes in the air.

As Feverdreams perform Don’t You Feel in a blue-misted space, the characters are encased in a glass box, eating a cupcake with the bitter-sweet realisation that the happy memory no longer exists – lingering like the black shadows that seep from their mouth.


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The eery nature of the track is magnified as the lyrics echo: “holding on when we both know it’s spiralling from our control” all whilst the characters stare deep into the camera lenses – hitting the swirls of a memory that can’t be relived.

Don’t You Feel is released ahead of Feverdreams’ upcoming debut EP, When The Smoke Clears, out in August. Until then, we can run Don’t You Feel on repeat, watching Steven Mitchell Wright’s brilliantly directed music video like a lingering memory we don’t want to forget.