Stonefield have the Midas touch on Golden Dream

It’s almost criminal we didn’t include Stonefield on the list of chicks who are kicking rock music in the teeth. Then again it’s been a while since we’ve seen the Findlay gang in action after the band dropped their much loved self-titled debut album. The triple J Unearthed winners have been pretty busy since then, and finally we’ve been able to bear witness to the first taste of new material with Golden Dream.

Stonefield Golden Dream Kram

The Findlay sisters are back with their latest Golden Dream. Stonefield have come into their own with overpowering guitars and strong sense of self.

It hasn’t been too long between drinks for the band, and they’ve used that momentum to their advantage and returned to the fold in damn fine form. The Sisters have consistently been chipping away at their craft since bursting on the scene some five years ago, and they’re back with a bolder, bigger and rockier sound. Golden Dream serves as a good track to reacquaint yourself with Stonefield; the unapologetic balls (metaphorically speaking) to the wall attitude and glorious 70s era hard rock influences are there to punch you in the gut. “Forgot who we were? Well we’re back motherfucker“. That’s the feeling Golden Dream projects, its swaggering stride long and powerful.

A lot of that can be attributed to the massive sound the track has thanks in no small part to the man in the producer’s chair, the one and only Kram. The Spiderbait stickman is a great fit for Stonefield, his inclinations to big, muscular choruses suit the band well and you can tell the two parties really hit it off in the studio. The guitars power through the track like a snow plow and refuse to let up for a second. They smash through the opening chords as a force to be reckoned with as they howl their way from start to finish. Stonefield have always been privy to such a sound, but it definitely

Golden Dream is a song full of strength and power. Don’t misinterpret that as it being a song that is aggressive. Power carries itself in a different manner. It’s one that comes with experience and with that a wisdom. It’s a track that is assured and confident in the story it’s telling; “Gonna climb every mountain just for you, my love, to see the stars” sings Amy Findlay. More or less Golden Dream is a love song at heart, or rather a song born from love. And hey, is there anything more powerful than that?

Stonefield will be making an appearance at this year’s BIGSOUND, so if you haven’t snapped up tour tickets be sure you do. In the meantime the band have have just kicked off a national tour, so be sure to get down and witness Golden Dream live.

Thursday 2 July 2 – The Brightside, Brisbane. TIX
Friday July 3 – GoodGod Small Club, Sydney. TIX
Saturday July 4 – SS&A Albury, Albury. FREE SHOW
Sunday July 5 – Home Tavern, Wagga Wagga. TIX
Friday July 10 – CATS @ Rocket Bar, Adelaide. TIX
Saturday July 11 – Four5Nine @ Rosemount Hotel, Perth. TIX
Sunday July 12 – Mojo’s, Fremantle. TIX