Stoners everywhere have had 4/20 ruined by coronavirus

Here’s the situation: it’s April, the 4th month of the year, 2020. Yep, the century’s most significant date in the calendar for stoners everywhere has arrived, 4/20.

As it happens, fate has extended its almighty hand and forced most of us into coronavirus quarantine for the next little while. The stage has, incidentally, been perfectly set for a whole month’s worth of blazing up. Because, what the hell else are you going to do?


The month of 4/20, is finally upon us. Additionally, most of us have been forced to remain at home for its duration, on account of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not all positive news for some, however.

Naturally, the internet has been abuzz with hype for this literal once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Jumping on the 420 meme bandwagon from r/trees

Wait… there’s a global health pandemic? from r/trees

Felt a little creative during my social distancing.. also, look at my lighter and April fools from r/trees

Government Mandated from r/trees

It was a tough time… from r/trees

However, while some were prepared for the month of 4/20, others haven’t been as fortunate. With many people out of work on account of the coronavirus outbreak, there is simply no way to affordably procure a stash. This has left many facing the unthinkable, a sober month of 4/20. Still, the memes have remained adequately dank.

im so sad from r/trees

Ten? At least 15 from r/trees

sad times. from r/trees

I’m sure I can make it last😅 from r/trees